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What's New

As new additions are made, they will be listed here on this page in the detailed list below.
I hope you enjoy the website! Come back often, and make sure to visit this page to find out what's new, because I'm sure it will change fairly frequently until I get good and settled in.

-- Thank You --


2/2/2002 - Update all links.

6/24/2002 The Download Area has been closed temporarily. Please watch for it to make a come back (as soon as I find a new home for it). Your patients is appreciated.

2/2/2002 - Added a Temperature Conversion Utility program for download.

2/2/2002 - The newest releases of the Space Shuttle and Hubble Heritage Screen Savers are now available for download.

12/31/2001 - Just Added: Link to listener supported classical music station WCPE. Which broadcasts worldwide over the Internet via three formats of streaming media, via Satellite, and through local rebroadcasters.
What could be better than beautiful music to go along with the glory of the deep-sky!
Check out their website for details.

8/2/2001 - Removed: ListBot newsletter service. Unfortunately they have canceled the free service. (Yet another free service down the tubes!)

7/29/2001 - Removed: Web and Site Search pages. (The site search will be upgraded and replaced at some point. For now, it was just too buggy to leave posted. Sorry!!)

7/28/2001 - Just Added: Deep-Sky.Org FAQ page.

7/18/2001 - Just Added: Swish format (Flash) splash page to the home page.

5/19/2001 - Updated: M4 and M42 with new images.

5/7/2001 - Just added: David Green's The Ultimate Messier Object Log and The Simple Observing Log are now available for download.

4/28/2001 - Updated version of the Hubble Heritage Screen Saver v1.04 is now available for download.

4/25/2001 - PC World Magazine picked Space Shuttle Screen Saver  (v1.10).   as the
Featured Shareware of the Day   on their website!!

1/01/2001 - Deep-Sky.Org welcomes in the new millennium by adding an updated version of the Hubble Heritage Screen Saver v1.03 and all new Hubble Space Telescope and Space Shuttle Wallpaper Sets.

11/28/2000 - Tucows has just chosen Space Shuttle Screen Saver  (v1.10).   as the
Screen Saver of the Day   for 11-29-2000!!

11/24/2000 - Updated Space Shuttle Screen Saver  (v1.10).  Now includes sound!

8/12/2000 - Added new images by George Greaney to the following pages: M8, M20 , & NGC1499.

7/28/2000 - New Space Shuttle Screen Saver  (v1.00).

7/22/2000 - Added Space Science News section to index page.

7/7/2000 - Updated Hubble Heritage Screen Saver  (rev 1.02). It includes five great new images from the Hubble Heritage project!

6/17/2000 - Added Best of Deep-Sky  page. Presents what I consider to be the best deep-sky objects within reach of most North American amateur astronomers. Please also visit the contributors  page to see some of the names that have been added to the list of image contributors for this project.

6/17/2000 - Added Deep-Sky Quiz  game page. It's still in its infancy, so please be on the look-out for improvements!

5/19/2000 - Added more images to the following Messier object pages: M1, M3, M5, M14, M37, M64, and M66.